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Ishchenko Constantin Stepanovych

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

After graduating in 1979 with honors from the Mining Faculty of NMU began his career as an engineer of mechanical explosion rocks the Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics. MS Polyakov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which until now has been working as senior researcher. In 1983, the job went to graduate school at IGTM NAS of Ukraine, successfully finished it, and in 2003 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in specialty "Physical processes of mining." As a result of the research in 2008 was promoted to "senior researcher". His research interests associated with the solution of urgent problems mining industry in Ukraine, in particular - developing and improving methods of preventing instantaneous emissions of coal, rock and gas, controlled explosive demolition of stress and vykydonebezpechnoho array in the mine development workings, which are held in rock and mixed rock mass deep horizons mines of Donbass, the problems of explosive destruction of rocks of complex structure in a variety of mining conditions as in quarrying ore and non-metallic industry of Ukraine and on iron ore, uranium mines and Krivbass VostGOK. His scientific work successfully sumischuye with teaching. From 2005 to the present working at the Department aerology and safety as assistant, where he teaches courses "Safety" and "Principles of safety." Current developments and research results presented in more than 90 scientific papers including: the reports on the Republican, CIS countries and international conferences, has 30 inventions (copyright certificates USSR patents in Russia and Ukraine). Contact: Karl Marx Avenue 19, Bldg. 4, Aud. 70 tel.: 46-97-96

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