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Department of Aerology and Labour Protection

Head - Golinko Vasil', an electrical engineer, doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for his work "Science and technology foundation, development and implementation of highly effective geomechanical monitoring of geotechnical systems of coal mines."

Direction of preparation: 6.050301 Mining
Profession: Mining and mineral extraction (underground mining of bedded deposits)
Specialization: Health and Safety in the mining industry
Education and qualification level: bachelor, specialist, master.
Qualifications: Mining Engineering
Study: full-time, extramural, external.
Period of study: Bachelor - 4 years Specialist (Master) - 1 year.
On the basis of educational qualification level, "junior specialist" in this specialization may qualify - Bachelor, Specialist, Master, with a term of study: bachelor's degree - 2 years; specialist (Master) - 1 year.
The object of specialists - engineering and technology, underground mining of bedded deposits, system safety of labour, management and organization of safety of labour in mining enterprises.

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