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The main directions of scientific research are:
- the study of mine aerodynamics (the study of aerodynamic drag mining shafts and ventilation networks, improving the aerodynamic qualities of mine workings, the study of the gas regime of mines and drainage layers, and developed satellites);
- development of methods and means of measurement and control parameters of the atmosphere in the underground workings of mines and methane-air mixture in the degassing pipes (air velocity, dust and methane degasification in a vacuum networks, flow rate regulation means the air in mines and methane degasification in the network);
- development of scientific principles, the rationale for the establishment of parameters and control systems ventilation shafts, pits, workings of large volume, quarries and mine degassing (development and improvement of methods of calculation and optimization of complex ventilation and degasification networks using personal computers, the development of structures and programs for ventilation and degassing system and the normalization parameters of the microclimate in the heavy volume workings);
- management of safety of labour(development of control systems, monitoring systems, industrial injuries, automatized workplaces of safety of labour workers)
History of development of main directions and achievements of department scientists are relevant demonstration booths.

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