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Golinko Vasil’ Ivanovych

Professor, PhD.

Head of Department

In 1975 he graduated with honors from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute and entered graduate school at the Department of aerology and safety. He worked as senior researcher, head of industrial research laboratory controls mine atmosphere HNDL-6, associate professor, professor, and since 1998 - Head of the Department aerology and safety. In 1993 he defended his doctoral thesis.

Contact: Karl Marx Avenue 19, Bldg. 4, Aud. 83

tel.: 373-07-81, 46-90-66, 47-23-41


He made a significant contribution to the development of scientific bases and control parameters of the mine atmosphere. He developed new methods and technical means to control dust and air velocity, the concentration of methane, oxygen.

State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for work "Scientific and technological foundations, development and implementation of highly geomechanical monitoring of geotechnical systems underground mines."

According to research published over 190 scientific publications including 12 monographs, 1 textbook and 14 textbooks, including 5 labeled with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Selected publications:

1. В.И. Голинько, И.О. Лутс, Е.А. Яворская. Исследование воздушного и пылевого баланса в наклонном стволе шахты №9-10 Марганецкого горно-обогатительного комбината. Науковий вісник НГУ, 2012, №3, стр. 98 

2. Голинько В.И., Котляров А.К. К вопросу об использовании малоинерционных датчиков скорости в системах взрывозащиты. Науковий вісник НГУ, 2010, №2, стр. 29 

текст статьи PDF (рус.)

3. Голинько В.И., Котляров А.К. Использование малоинерционных датчиков метана в системах автоматического газового контроля. Науковий вісник НГУ, 2010, №4, стр. 68

текст статьи PDF (рус.)

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