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наука2.jpgDepartment aerology and protect of labour (founded in 1940) plays in the National Mining University leading role in the formation of specialists for mining and other industries. Over the years, the Department aerology and protect of labour gave a start in life for many talented scientists, knowledgeable managers of science and industry. In many regions of Ukraine and abroad well-known their names.зарплата.jpg

Performing employment duties, the person is not only for his benefit and to benefit society as a whole. One of the goals of society is to provide such conditions that provide high performance and do not adversely affect the health of employees, not cause harm to surrounding people and environment. When operating machinery, design and construction of facilities, structures, communications, implementation techniques, materials, products should primarily focus on health and human security, provide for a friendly and safe working conditions.

девочка.jpgIn view of this Department provides the training of experts on health and training of students of the University of aerology of mining enterprises, ventilation shafts and mines, health, life safety, health, law and others. Today the staff of the department - a high-level professionals who carry out training on safety for all industries.

Direction "Mining".

Major - 7 (8) .05030101 "Mining and extraction of minerals."

Specialization "Protect of labour in mining."пожарный.jpg

Preparation of highly qualified through postgraduate and doctoral studies in specialty 05.26.01 - " Protect of labour ".

Educational levels: bachelor, specialist, master.

Forms of education: full-time, part-time, reduced on the basis of educational qualification of "specialist".

Dates of study: Bachelor - 4 years, Specialist and Master - 1 year (at the baccalaureate).

Activity professional specialization of in " Protect of labour in mining" concerned with the design of safety systems work, organization and safety management in enterprises, institutions and organizations.

вимірювач2.jpgThe system of professional knowledge enables our graduates to successfully perform such basic functions and tasks in the field of safety management as information management, training, planning, financing, organization and coordination of safety, registration and accounting, promotion and education of safe behavior, control as health, наука1.jpgworking out of normative acts, professional recruitment, regulation of the labor process, attestation of employees under labor, examination, licensing and certification, providing safety equipment, processes, buildings, structures and territories to ensure sanitary conditions, hygienically labour, sanitary and domestic, of treatment-prophylactic and medical services, coordination and issuance of permits, warning of hazardous situations, investigation of accident cases, professional diseases i disaster, and others.

парашют.jpgAfter the National Mining University with a major " Protect of labour in mining" graduates can work:

the mines, mines and subways: the ventilation stations and safety, drainage and special works on technological districts;

in the departments of Protect of labour, fire prevention, and others to ensure the safety of life of workers in industrial establishments and organizations;

in subdivisions of the State Committee for Industrial Safety, Protect of labour and Mining Supervision of Ukraine;

in the system of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine;

command positions in units of the Mountain Rescue Service;

in public service work of local authorities and public administration;

in units of social insurance against accidents and others.

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