National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

день охрані труда2.jpgThe department is widely celebrated World Day of protect of labor. In Ukraine this day is called "Day of protect of labor " and marked in accordance with the Decree of President of Ukraine to the number 685/2006 of 18 August 2006, each year on April 28.

Planned to spend a week of work. Within the week, safety seminars, conferences, exhibitions, round tables, discussions, assist in achieving the proper condition of safety, hygiene and working environment, protect the rights and interests of victims of production workers.

These days, the Department conducts a number of measures to attract public attention to the scope of the problem, as well as how the creation and promotion are carried out safety culture, aka can help to reduce the annual deaths in the workplace, as to the unresolved problems of labor protection.день охрані труда.jpg

The idea of World Day of protect of labor begins on the Day of the dead workers, first conducted by American and Canadian workers in 1989 in memory of workers killed and injured workers.

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