National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

DSC05075.JPG Department aerology and safety throughout the period of its existence, confidently held leading positions in the case of student research activities. Almost all the teachers who now work at the department were school student research seminars and conferences. Particular attention is the process of attracting young talent to the scientific research paid professors founding schools: Golinko V.I., Boiko V.O, Kremenchutsky M.F.. This case is now successfully continue in the University of their students.

Before the introduction of credit-module system creative scientific work with students of Mining Faculty of Mechanical00 - 0006_1+2.jpgEngineering, faculty of building technology and information technology began with the third year and continued until the certification now is, due to changes in curriculum, the process begins the second year.

Each year the University held a traditional "Week of student science", in particular since 2010, the second year in a row is a scientific and technical conference of students, graduates and young scientists "Science Spring" in which works section "Safety." Many interesting reports at this time prepared students under supervision of the department. Among them are: "Harmonization control system of protect of coal mine in accordance with international DSC05058.jpgstandard OHSAS 18001:2007» student group GI-06-6 Bredikhina A.V. (Head - Associate Bezschasnyy O.V.) and "Ways for creating a safe environment of labour in the mines of Donbass West" student Kovbasa V. (Head - Associate Javorska O.O.).

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